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Cutting-edge embedded system designs that transform your business!

Today, automation and embedded solutions have become an essential part of the devices we use on a daily basis. Whether electronic appliances, mobility, transportation, communication or scientific research, embedded technology has been high in demand. This technology has its presence in varying industries like Automobile, Healthcare, Power, Home Appliances, Telecommunication, Space, Instrumentation, Entertainment, Aerospace, Office Automation, Banking and Finance, Security, etc.

An experienced and proficient company can provide you with high-end solutions for all your specific needs. If you are looking for a technical partner who is professional, budget-friendly, flexible and delivers top-quality services, NS Web Marketing is the right choice. We are leaders in electronic product development and ensure modernization, portability, better usability in our services.

Embedded technologies and processes we support

  • All processor technologies
  • Communication protocols
  • Bus architectures
  • Wireless communication technologies
  • Operating systems and frameworks
  • PC based tools and applications

We understand the inevitability and ubiquity of embedded systems. We have catered to a diverse client base as we have hands-on experience in embedded development, whether hardware or software. We offer end-to-end embedded solutions to our clients in all the stages of the product life cycle. Our work includes conceptualization of the project, requirement analysis, architecture design, hardware design, validation and support engineering. It forms the backbone that provides our customers with outstanding solutions to their requirements.

Our Embedded Expertise

  • Semiconductor Technology
  • Automotive Industry
  • Telecom Services: Telephone industry, internet service providers, satellite companies, radio services
  • Consumer Electronics: Audio, entertainment, mobile world, wearable technology
  • Industrial Automation: Manufacturing products and services

We have a passionate team of programmers, quality analysts, architects and managers and have completed 300+ new-age mobile applications, websites, and software projects using advanced technologies like embedded systems, Internet of Things, i.e. IoT, Linux, etc. for clients across the globe. We are highly professional in our work and believe in delivering the work in set deadlines. We provide innovative solutions and go an extra mile to meet the clients’ expectations.

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We offer cutting edge technology for embedded and IOT product development and Protocol integration

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Product development with microcontroller & sensors

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Embedded Protocol integration with UI
Embedded Protocol integration with UI
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NsWebMarketing will help you to develop computer UI application to controll your Embedded devicess & machines