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What’s Trending in Android App Development?

Android app development is full of innovative trends that hit the market and then rule the market. On-demand apps, flutter, geo-location tracking, native android app development, React native, etc. have been the latest trends which have revolutionized the mobile apps. Android market contributes to 85% of the total share of the mobile app development industry. So, it is necessary for android developers to know the latest trends in android. In 2017, Google apps, lifestyle apps, social media apps, etc. were trending. Let us see the trends in 2020.

Instant or on-demand apps

We all know uber, swiggy, etc. apps. These apps have been a blessing to people in this busy life. Shop, eat or travel, whatever it is, people can do it just in a few clicks on the phone. Such a service is used on a daily basis by the people, so the market for the on-demand apps is huge.

Cloud-based Android app development

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Cloud-based apps became famous in 2016 and they are flourishing with innovative features in 2020. Every company has to deal with vital data and keep it securely. Top most companies require such apps for security and safety of their data. It is a very powerful technology.

Mobile payment apps

Mobile payments have made our lives much easier. We can use the service from any corner of the world and pay instantly. The market for these apps will be worth dollars 3 trillion until the year 2023. Secure but user-friendly android app development is the key to become successful in this industry.

IoT mobile application development

Internet of things has been one of the most effective technologies shaping our lives. It has led to the use of smart devices and ultimately a smarter world. IoT along with artificial intelligence, automation wearables, geo-location tracking, etc. are the latest trends being used by many businesses.

These were the top trends in Android app development which are constantly evolving. Mobile app development companies must ensure that that they are expert in at least some of these trends to remain in the competition.

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